International Women’s Day preparation Competition for MDD Groups/CBOs /Individuals


In order to prepare the International Women’s Day- IWD celebration in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement which will take place on 08/03/2023, and to know who will perform in Music, Dance and Drama -MDD, Kyaka II Refugee-led Organizations Network-KRLON in partnership with Triple T, has organized the competition of Groups/CBOs/Individuals where the winners will be the ones to perform on 8th/03/2023.

Competition Schedule:

1.On Monday 20/02/2023 @09:00am: Musician Competition

2. On Thursday 23/02/2023 @09:00am: Drama Competition

3. On Monday 27/02/2023 @09:00am: Dancers Competition.



  1. im soo hapy to see our led organization grow up and continue to work together but remember to voice of refugees organization invitations when there’s activities

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