UNHCR and partners joined hands for waste collection in Bukere Trading centre.


According to research findings, globally an estimated 50 million tons of e-waste is produced annually. 

Speaking to the 2019 World Habitat Day, the UN Secretary General called for partner organizations as well as community civil or private sectors to invest much more in waste management saying:  “We must reduce the amount of waste we produce, and, at the same time, start seeing it as a valuable resource that can be reused and recycled, including for energy. But we still need to invest much more if we are to improve waste management.”

Today, Tuesday, June 14, 2022 UN- High Commissioner for Refugees/ Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Office and partner organizations operating in the settlement have been collecting waste along the Bukere highway, a chief commercial center of the Kyaka II refugee camp. The wastes collected were gathered to form a big cluster from where a truck was picking them to a designated place for further management processes.

Speaking to Kyaka2.com, Mr. Hillary Agwe, the UN-Refugee Agency representative in that program said that this program was planned in preparation for the coming World Refugee Day which is expected during the late days of June. And the Ugandan theme will be “The Right to Safety, Protection & Conservation of the Environment.” This theme was prepared for the objective of engaging as well as involving refugees and host community populations in such activities aiming at Protecting & Restoring the Environment through Waste management and Environment Conservation.

These activities which have started in Bukere zone will take place in different 9 zones of Kyaka II refugee camp and according to the schedule of activities the next move shall be on Monday June 20, 2022 in Byabakora zone. Among other activities planned for the preparation of the 2022 World Refugee Day include but not remitted to community sensitization about that day (Boda boda talk talk shows, community radios communication, etc.) However activities aiming at Environment protection & Conservation will continue happening even after the World Refugee day in support with partners through tree planting & Seedlings production programs.

This initiative works directly towards many global and national agendas. The programme is in accordance with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #13 sensitizing for Climate Action, and also creates long-term impact in other SDG goals like Good Health & Well-being, Clean Water & Sanitation and so forth. Furthermore, it actively works towards The National Environment (Waste Management) Regulations,2020 ” A document composed of 109 regulations on how to effectively manage waste from local communities up to national level especially in its 30&31 regulations:

30. Waste along public roads and highways.

(1) A local government and relevant road authority shall ensure that waste receptacles are provided along public roads outside built-up areas. (2) The local government and relevant road authority shall ensure that the waste receptacles are emptied and the waste is transported to a designated waste disposal site. (3) The receptacles referred to in sub regulation (1) shall be placed in a manner that does not cause safety risks to road users. (4) The local government and relevant road authority shall ensure that the necessary clean up within the road boundaries is undertaken where that is not the duty of any other person referred to in this Part. (5) The local government and relevant road authority or other authorized person shall provide places of convenience for road users in accordance with the Roads Act, 2019.

31. Waste generated at commercial premises or establishments. A person who owns or operates a commercial premise or establishment shall ensure that— (a) waste generated at the premise or establishment is segregated; 4201 (b) waste receptacles are provided at the premises or establishment for the various waste streams; (c) the waste receptacles are emptied in a timely manner; (d) the waste is transported to a designated disposal site in accordance with these Regulations; and (e) the commercial premise or establishment is clean and free of vermin and offensive odor.        

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