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We are calling for anyone who wishes to be a reporter on KYAKA2.COM so that he/she can make an article following the categories above (Economy, History, Religion, Sport etc…), together with photos, then after to send that article on email: info@kyaka2.com .

N.B: Those articles have to be real. They will be published on this website in order to evaluate the number of the views which will be one of the requirements for a candidate to be selected.

Please feel free to ask your question, if any, to the email address above.

The Deadline for the article is on February 28, 2022.

Good luck.



  1. Hello Mr Mrs I wishe to be a reporter on KYAKA2.COM so I can make an report in categories of (Economy, History, Religion, Sport etc…
    together with photos

    1. Dear Chiza, Your request is good. You can make one article and send it to email: info@kyaka2.com. This article will help you with a chance to be selected for interview. Have a nice day

      1. Thank you admin

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