2023 International Women’s Day Celebration in Kyaka focused on Technology and Gender Equality- Success story-Video.


Kyaka II Refugee settlement in Uganda celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2023 with the theme of “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality”. The event was organized in partnership with UNHCR, OPM, ALIGHT, Kyaka II Refugee-led Organizations Network-KRLON, Community Based organizations-CBOs, and Refugee welfare Council-RWC, along with many other stakeholders.

The event started with a procession with a brass band from Mukondo A Primary School to Mukondo B Trading Centre and back to the celebration place. The celebration was attended by settlement and host community members, different women groups such as teachers, vocational training learners, and music, dance, and drama groups who provided the entertainment.

March starting the event.

IRC with Play Matters awarded Women Teachers with some materials including buckets.

Cultural Group from Kakoni

Peace Winds Japan Women

Kyaka II Dance United Group

Kyaka II Dance United Group

Musicians who performed the Song of the Day.

2023 International Women’s Day Song by All Stars – Produced by The True Tracks Studio.

Different stakeholders, including refugee-led organizations such as Davison, Let’s Help International-LHI, Humanity Inclusion, exhibited their products and services. Medical Teams International-MTI provided health services voluntarily, including blood donations, HIV and Hepatitis testing, and more.

IRC/Play Matters Stand

Let’s Help International’s Women Trainers Group Stand

Davision’s Stand

The event featured speeches from the RWC III Woman Representative and RWC III Chairperson, partners’ representatives, OPM Deputy Commandant, UNHCR Kyaka Representative, and Kyegegwa District Representative, who was also the Guest of Honour and the Master of Ceremony for the event was Catherine Nakasinde-M.C Cathy from AWYAD.

The RWC III Women Representative took the opportunity to express her gratitude to the audience and highlight the important role of refugee women in the socio-economic development and leadership of the Kyaka II Community. She emphasized that the participation of women in different activities, such as education, entrepreneurship, and leadership, is crucial for the development of the community.

The RWC III Chairperson also thanked all the stakeholders who contributed to the empowerment of women in Kyaka II Community. She mentioned the significant work done by different organizations such as Peace Winds Japan, FCA, RLOs/CBOs, KYAKA2.COM, and many others, who have been actively working towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in the community.

The Partners representative highlighted the role played by partners in empowering refugee women in Kyaka. He expressed his appreciation for the collaborative effort between partners and the community to promote gender equality and empower women in the settlement.

OPM Deputy Commandant, Mr. Alex, also took the stage to express his gratitude and encourage the stakeholders to continue serving the community. He emphasized that the empowerment of women is essential for the development of the settlement and the community as a whole.

UNHCR Kyaka Representative, Ms. Arata Otake, appreciated the work of the stakeholders and highlighted the crucial role of RLOs/CBOs in the women’s empowerment and development of the community. She mentioned that empowering refugee women can have a significant impact not only on the settlement but also on the whole country and the world as well.

The Guest of Honour, who was the Kyegegwa District Representative, took enough time to explain the gap that needs to be filled in the journey of empowering women to reach gender equality through either formal or informal education. He stressed the importance of education for women’s empowerment and encouraged the community to support women’s education at all levels.

Overall, the speeches delivered during the International Women’s Day celebration at Kyaka II Refugee Settlement highlighted the importance of women’s empowerment in the development of the community and the significant contributions made by different stakeholders towards this goal. The event served as a reminder of the ongoing efforts needed to achieve gender equality in the settlement and beyond.

RWC III (right) and His Vice giving speeches.

MTI ‘s Staff communicating their services for the day.

Partners representative giving speech.

UNHCR’s Representative, Ms. Arata Otake giving Remarks.

Deputy Commandant Alex (2nd from left)

Kyegegwa District’s Representative ,Guest of Honour (right) giving Remarks.

The Women of the Day were a group of Women of Peace Winds Japan who were trained with different skills, such as tailoring and computer literacy. This group was also accompanied by Ms. Megumi Kuwana and her team from Peace Winds Japan.

Success story of Innovation and technology for gender equality by Clarisse Mugwaneza (Peace Winds Japan Trainee)

Ms. Megumi Kuwana and her team from Peace Winds Japan.

Ms. Carol Aketch (right), UNHCR Protection Staff


The event was adjourned around 3 pm and was followed by a Women’s Football Final Match at Bujubuli playground, where Bujubuli won 3-1 in penalties against Bukere. The event was a great success, promoting gender equality and empowering women in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

Mr. Benson (OPM) Awarding Bujubuli Women FC as the winner of the Tournament.

In conclusion, International Women’s Day is an important occasion to celebrate the achievements of women and to highlight the ongoing struggle for gender equality. It is a reminder that everyone has a role to play in creating a more just and equitable world for all.

Video for the song of the Day: International Women’s Day 2023 celebration in kyaka

Article: KYAKA2.COM

Photos/Videos: Pacifique King/ The True Tracks / City Cobra.


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