EMAP Foundation has begun in 2019,and this was after having received trainings by IRC (International Rescue Committee),then we decided to begin helping the community in conflict resolution which were occuring in different families in the settlement and its neighbourhood. We are a community-based organization consisting of 48 members, including 16 men and 32 women.


  • fighting violance
  • teaching languages
  • training people in capentry and tailoring
  • livestock (poultry,goats )
  • Village Saving and loaning association (VSLA)
  • We teach videography ( video shooting and video editing)
  • we make bricks,


  • lack of enough materials ,
  • After trainings most of our students do no not have possibilities to begin their own workshops, because neither EMAP Foundation,nor those students can afford what it takes to begin.
  • For trainers,EMAP Foundation have limited means,so we help them the little we can but still that is a challenge which needs to be taken care of.
  • We need to expand our activities but still our financial means are not enough,yet we still need to do so.
  • Lack of enough machines to use in capentry,in tailoring and we are in lack of more computers and proffessional cameras.
  • We have a challenge of transport when it comes on visiting different places for implimenting and following up our activities in diffrent places; because amongst the people we train there are some from the haust community,and others are from the settlement.
  • Most of the causes of violance in different families is a result of poverty and lack of unemployment,and we do not have means enough to be able to support in case some are in need od a small amount to begin an income generating activity.


  • We need a motocycle to be transporting us while in our different activities like visiting different workshops and sites,
  • we need a financial support and partnering with organisations or individuals doing or offering related services for more support and enhancing our programs.
  • We need proffessional volunteers to be giving trainings in capentry,tailoring or in videography because we plan to expand our work for serving more beneficiaries as it is our wish and a goal to achieve.
  • Our alumni need support in beginning their own workshops and start transforming their acquired knowledge into income generating activities.


  • Email: emapfoundation@gmail.com ; alainmugisho74@gmail.com
  • Telephone: +256 778 508136 / +256785302694
  • Focal Person’s name: NGANDAMUGISHO Alain                                     

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