Let’s Help International (LHI)


LHI is a non-profit organization based in Uganda that focuses on advocating for the development of vulnerable children, youth, families, orphans, refugees, and others in need. LHI implements various programs and activities to support and assist these individuals.

Here is an overview of LHI’s programs:

I. Education:

1. Formal Education: LHI supports vulnerable children’s education by addressing the challenges faced by refugee children in accessing education. The focuses on identifying out-of-school children in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement and provides support by paying school fees, offering scholastic materials, conducting follow-up activities, and providing psycho-social assistance.

2. Informal Education: LHI provides digital skills training to residents of Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, including email use, social media management, proposal and grant writing, reporting, web and graphic design, multimedia, and other life skills training such as making liquid soap, reusable sanitary pads, mayonnaise, and hair shampoo.

II. Digital Inclusion:

1. Kyaka2.com: LHI operates Kyaka2.com, a digital media agency that aims to connect refugees and host communities to online opportunities within Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

2. RTSW: Refugees’ TV and Stories Worldwide (RTSW) is an agency of LHI that uses online podcasts and stories to bring entrepreneurial inspiration, motivation, and hope to refugees around the world.

3. Trainings: LHI conducts various training programs to promote digital literacy and inclusion among vulnerable populations.

III. Protection:

1. Community-based Protection: LHI engages in community-based protection activities, including identifying persons with special needs, distributing non-food items to individuals in need, mobilizing communities for engagement activities, and supporting the construction of temporary shelters.

2. Child Protection: LHI focuses on child protection through the identification of at-risk children, distribution of non-food items to child mothers in need, and mobilization of communities for awareness-raising activities.

IV. Livelihood:

LHI operates a Livelihood Program called the Guinea Pigs Farm Project, which aims to fight malnutrition among vulnerable families in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement and the host community. LHI provides guinea pigs to identified families for breeding, with the goal of using them as a source of nutritious food, income, and soil fertilizer.


The objective of the program is to provide refugee-led organizations with digital skills such as email use, communication, social media management, reporting, grant writing, and virtual meeting attendance.

LHI’s formal and legal registration in Kyegegwa district as a Refugee-Led Organization (RLO), a valid recommendation from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), and previous experience in PSN identification and referral, community mobilization, and utilizing various communication platforms make it well-equipped to contribute effectively to these activities. LHI has gained valuable experience through past engagements with UNHCR/ALIGHT, other implementing partners, and operational partners, including attending CBP sub-sector coordination meetings and community structure planning meetings.

3. Capacity:

LHI has participated in various meetings, trainings, and workshops that have enhanced its capacity to implement CBP activities effectively. Some notable examples include:

– UNHCR Southwest Regional Protection Coordination Meeting and Training (07-09/09/2022): Involvement in refugee response operations, code of conduct, prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, protection, child protection, SGBV, CBP, and prioritization, including PSN identification, verification, recording, and response procedures, and accountability to affected people.

– ALIGHT & UNHCR Standard Operating Procedures Training (12/03/2022): Identification, verification, and assistance of Persons with Special Needs (PSN) and guidance.

– EUAL AQUA UGANDA Training (19/02/2022, 08/10/2022, 20/02/2023): Reusable sanitary pad making, liquid soap making, and hair shampoo making.

– Street Business School-SBS Training (06/01-27/06/2021): 6-month program for Certified Lead Coaches in Small Business Creation and Development Skills, covering various modules such as getting out of comfort zones, business opportunity identification, market research, finding capital, bookkeeping, business planning, and money management.

– Chelsey Knott Project Proposal, Grant Writing & Reporting Training (28/08/2021): Enhancing skills in developing project proposals, Reporting and writing grants.

– JHPIEGO Webinar (02/12/2022): TCI University Global Family Planning Toolkit and Adolescent & Youth Sexual & Reproductive Health (AYSRH) Toolkit to learn evidence-based approaches for implementing family planning.


LHI requires a computer center to sustain the Digital Inclusion Program for refugee-led organizations in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. The program aims to equip refugee-led groups and organizations with digital skills to improve their visibility, attract potential donors, demonstrate their impact, and build strong teams.


  • Email : info@letshelpinternational.org
  • Telephone :+256 779686582
  • Focal Person’s Name : Mr. Festo Nduwayezu, MAIR
  • Website:

Registration Status: District Level


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