SHANG /Strong Hands for Africa’s New Generation



We as SHANG ( STRONG HANDS FOR AFRICA FOR NEW GENERATION ),we are a group of refugees,30 girls and women who joined their hands to work together for a better tomorrow,by doing and training others handcraft activities to generate income.


  • Breeding ,
  • hairdressing,
  • education ,
  • tailoring
  • saving(VISLA


  • we farm but people steal our livestock and we don’t have a good place to protect our livestock ,
  • our workplace is very small and we teach sewing but you find that we only have one sewing machine and yet we have for 4 people a day, who want to learn .
  • we save little money and some don’t save because of lack of work and others you find that are women and girls at risk because they are fearing to look how they can get what to save because of their lives and don’t come to study or work with us
  • our computer room is small and we only have one laptop machine we don’t have tables chairs, and tools we’re in lack of necessary materials when we teach and we also in lack of teachers we only have 2 only teachers and everyone wants to lean everyone
  • we have two people who help us to teach hairdressing but they need to get a little money and they don’t have the necessary equipment.


we need a big place for workshop, we need to get our personnel compound, building room we need teachers,, we need to get enough 20 SEWING machines, we need tools, chairs, tables books, we need 12 ICT teaching machines, we need notebooks, chalks and books Also, we need equipment to build our farm


  • Telephone:+256 760994540
  • Focal Person’s name:NTALI CHIZA


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