About Nkanja Community Organisation (NCO) Uganda

Nkanja Community Organisation (NCO) Uganda was founded in 2022 with a focused mission: to drive innovative community projects that advance education, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and livelihood opportunities. Our primary beneficiaries are disadvantaged individuals, including school-going children and women, encompassing both nationals and refugees.

While our operations extend to West and Central Uganda, our headquarters are strategically positioned in Nkanja Sub-County, Kyegegwa District. NCO Uganda is committed to making a meaningful impact by addressing critical community needs and enhancing the prospects of those we serve, all within a compact and efficient framework.


  • To engage in the search and dialogue for purposes of dealing with both internal and external conflict resolution,
  • To improve food security in the community and more at household lever,
  • Poverty eradication in the community,
  • Improve medical care community members,
  • Improve livelihood,
  • providing quality education and all seeking knowledge,
  • reducing sexual-based violence SGBV in the community.


  • lack of an office with its equipment like computers and printers,
  • we have challenges in team works due to lack of enough capital so that we could be able of paying them monthly wages,
  • we need partnership with other organization or individuals so that we could be eligible in support for our unimplemented projects and enhancing the ones already ongoing.


  • we need partnership with other organizations, donors or supporters,
  • social media pages to boost the number of followers, clients and beneficiaries,
  • we need a financial support to be capable of supporting our projects,
  • we need professional tools and skills.


  • Telephone:+256781833338
  • Focal Person’s Name : Tumuhimbise Silver.


  1. Much appreation for this caritative work

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