Youth and Women Engaged for Development /YWED Organization



Youth and Women Engaged for Development as its acronym YWED Organization,was founded on the 9th October,2019and it is a Community Based and Youth Led Organization located in KYAKA II Refugee settlement, Kyegegwa District, Uganda. YWED is working alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations such as: women, girls, young boys, child-mothers, Orphans and GBV survivors. YWED empowers these group of people with basic life skills which enable them to be self-reliant and resilient for sustainable development.


  • 1. EDUCATION: We carry out informal education whereby we teach youth and Women the vocational training skills for job creation and hunger reduction
  • 2. GENDER EQUALITY: we ensure Equality and Equity for both women and men for the access of the different opportunities and equal treatment; we also encourage the decision making through women’s empowerment for positive change.
  • 3.WATER, SANITATION AND HYGIENE: this thematic area is the main and the engine of our current project activities, where we are planning to expand our project of making reusable sanitary pads to make a significant impact within our community while training them, distributing pads, making awareness campaigns on hygiene and sanitation etc.
  • 4.LIVEHOOD AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION: here we are Involving the community members in many activities of farming, planting trees, waste management campaigns, Carpentry activities, tailoring, financial literacy and language for adults training.
  • more activities :- Tailoring – Carpentry – Painting – Farming (poultry keeping & Vegetables Growing – Reusable sanitary Pads making – Language training for Adults and children.(French, English, and Swahili)


  • – lack of Capacity building in ; a. Leadership skills b. Digital systems etc
  • – Lack of enough funds
  • – lack of digital tools


  • – Enough funds, which will help us to purchase tools,
  • – Industrial Sewing machines
  • – Manual sewing machines
  • – Materials for making reusable sanitary Pads and adults diapers.
  • – computers( desk top, laptops – 1 printer and 1 canon camera.
  • – Capacity Building
  • – Poultry feeds, housing, light, and chicks
  • – Land to grow our vegetables



  1. Very nice teams

  2. Congratulation 👏 YWED team together we can.

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