Breaking Barriers: KRLON’s Digital Inclusion Project Empowers Refugee-led Organizations for a Digital Future


KRLON, in collaboration with , Triple T Foundation, KITAD, Together We Can, EMAP Foundation, Convinction Power of Future and Arise Youth Foundation, has initiated a Digital Inclusion Project with the objective of providing digital inclusion skills to the staff of refugee-led organizations. Through this partnership, the project aims to equip these organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively participate in the digital realm, enabling them to leverage technology for their benefit and enhance their overall capabilities. By empowering these organizations with digital inclusion skills, the project seeks to foster their growth and enable them to make a positive impact within their communities.

We are excited to share the incredible impact of this Digital Inclusion Project, which is providing computer skills training starting from 55 members of refugee-led organizations in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. Through this initiative, we are empowering individuals with reporting and communication skills, enabling them to secure funding and establish partnerships crucial for their organizations’ growth and sustainability.

The choice of training centers in Sweswe, Bukere, and Bujubuli zones within the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement shows a commitment to reaching a diverse group of individuals from 9 zones of Kyaka II Refugee settlement and maximizing the program’s impact. This approach ensures that the training is accessible and convenient for the participants, enabling them to develop essential digital skills regardless of their location within the settlement.

By focusing on digital skills training, KRLON is not only addressing the immediate needs of the refugee-led organizations but also contributing to their long-term success. In today’s increasingly digital world, proficiency in computer skills is vital for effective communication, collaboration, and accessing opportunities.

Problem Statement.

One of the significant challenges that refugee-led organizations and groups in the settlement face is a lack of visibility and recognition. Out of the 524 refugee-led organizations and groups in Kyaka II, 92% of them lack recognition, visibility, and support either financially or materially. This lack of visibility and support has resulted in these organizations struggling to secure funding, showcase their impact, and access resources to improve their operations.

The lack of digital skills is a significant contributor to the above problem. With no single internet cyber café in Kyaka II, refugees are unable to access online resources, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and learn new digital skills. The inability to navigate the digital world has led to reduced effectiveness and the inability to leverage online resources.

Mr. Juvenal from Jirani Mzuli Group is excited to start learning computer for the first time.

How does KRLON and partners respond to this problem?

To address this issue, KRLON in partnership with other Refugee-led organizations is running a Digital Inclusion Project for Refugee-led Organizations in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. This program aims to equip refugee-led organizations with digital skills such as email creation and use, communication skills, social media use, reporting, grant writing, and virtual meeting attendance. The program will help them to build resilience, improve their visibility, attract potential donors, and demonstrate their impact. Ultimately, this will enhance the capacity of the participating organizations to navigate the digital world and improve the effectiveness of their work. The project accommodates 2 staff from each refugee-led and host community organizations.

The Digital Inclusion Program for Refugee-led Organizations in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement has the potential to make a positive impact on the lives of refugees in the settlement. By improving the digital skills of these organizations, they will be better equipped to secure funding, improve their visibility, and showcase their impact. This will lead to increased support for these organizations and ultimately improve their effectiveness in helping refugees in the settlement.

Call to Action

We call upon donors, partners, and compassionate individuals to join us in supporting these refugee-led organizations. Your generous contributions can make a world of difference by providing:

1️⃣ Computer Facilities: We urgently need computers to establish dedicated training centers equipped with the necessary hardware and software for effective learning.

2️⃣ Training Materials: Sufficient supplies of chairs, tables, and other essential training materials will create a conducive environment for learning and collaboration.

3️⃣ Financial Support: Donations towards the program’s operational costs, instructor salaries, and ongoing maintenance will ensure its sustainability and expansion.

Together, we can bridge the digital divide and empower these organizations to thrive. By investing in digital inclusion, we enable them to communicate effectively, access opportunities, and contribute positively to their communities.

Join us in celebrating KRLON’s Digital Inclusion Program and its potential to transform lives. Your support is invaluable in creating a brighter future for refugee-led organizations in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

Together, let’s empower and uplift these resilient individuals as they navigate their journey towards success.

To donate, please click here or contact us.

Thank you for your generosity and support!


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