The Official Launch of KRLON-June 22nd, 2023.



On June 22nd, 2023, as the world celebrated International Refugee Day, a momentous occasion took place at Bukere Primary School in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. The event marked the launch of the Kyaka II Refugee-led Organization Network (KRLON), which aims to empower and support refugee-led organizations in the community. Mr. Festo Nduwayezu, the Chairperson of KRLON and , delivered an impassioned speech highlighting the challenges, achievements, and needs of these organizations,

Unifying Refugee-led Organizations:

KRLON, established on February 1, 2022, serves as a network uniting all Refugee-led Organizations (RLOs) and Community-based Organizations (CBOs) in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement and the host community. Currently representing over 524 RLOs and CBOs, KRLON tirelessly works to address the needs of the community and strengthen coordination among local organizations. Their ultimate goal is to enable these organizations to effectively respond to humanitarian situations in the settlement,and below are pictures

Resilience and Contribution of Refugee-led Organizations:

Refugees in Kyaka II Settlement have shown remarkable dedication and initiative in various fields, including education, digital inclusion, protection, livelihood, environmental conservation, and vocational skills training. Despite the immense challenges they face, these resilient individuals actively contribute to the betterment of their community and strive for a brighter future.

Recognizing Challenges and Extending Gratitude:

Mr. Festo Nduwayezu the chairperson of KRLON, emphasized the challenges faced by RLOs, CBOs, and groups in their work, including inadequate capacity, lack of funding, limited resources, and a lack of visibility and recognition. It is crucial to acknowledge these obstacles to better support the organizations in serving their communities. The Chairperson expressed heartfelt gratitude to esteemed partners such as UNHCR, OPM, ALIGHT, and others for their unwavering support. Through collaboration, significant milestones have been achieved.

Milestones and Achievements:

During the speech, Festo Nduwayezu highlighted several achievements and projects undertaken by KRLON including: Representation and Recognition, Launch of the KRLON Website and The “Breaking Barriers: KRLON’s Digital Inclusion Project“.

KRLON’s Representation and Recognition:

The Chairperson expressed gratitude for the recognition and support from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), UNHCR, and partners, allowing KRLON to attend various coordination meetings. This recognition has enhanced their ability to contribute meaningfully to decision-making processes, ensuring that the voices of those they represent are heard and valued.

Launch of the KRLON Website:

A significant milestone announced during the celebration was the launch of the KRLON website ( The website serves as a valuable platform featuring comprehensive profiles of all RLOs and CBOs within the network. Visitors can access detailed information about each organization, including their background, activities, challenges, needs, and contact details. The website promotes transparency, facilitates collaboration, and opens doors to partnership opportunities.

Implementation of the “Breaking Barriers: KRLON’s Digital Inclusion Project,

Under the umbrella of the “Breaking Barriers: KRLON’s Digital Inclusion Project,” KRLON has undertaken a vital initiative to empower refugee-led organizations for a digital future. Through this project, KRLON has provided training and resources to RLOs and CBOs, enabling them to leverage technology for improved efficiency and impact. The project has equipped more than 65 representatives from participating organizations with essential digital skills, fostering their ability to reach wider audiences and amplify their voices in the digital sphere.

The Chairperson emphasized the need for support in establishing a dedicated computer center that would serve as a hub for Community-based Organizations (CBOs). This center would facilitate the preparation and sharing of reports, submission of grant applications, and provide unlimited visibility and access to essential resources. The Chairperson emphasized that the computer center would empower member organizations, enhance their operational effectiveness, and contribute to the socio-economic development of the community.

A Call for Collaboration and Support:

Mr. Festo Nduwayezu passionately called upon partners and stakeholders to collaborate further and support KRLON’s efforts. Financial and material contributions, as well as expertise and guidance, are sought to advance their mission and amplify the collective impact of their work. Specifically, support is requested.


The culmination of the KRLON launch event was marked by a heartfelt gesture of appreciation and recognition. Mr. Festo, took the opportunity to honor and express gratitude towards Mr. David Mugenyi, the settlement commandant, and Mrs. Arata Otake, the UNHCR Associate Field Officer. These individuals had been instrumental in supporting and guiding KRLON leaders at every step of their journey.

With deep appreciation, KRLON’s chairperson handed over awards and offered words of thanks to Mr. Mugenyi and Mrs. Arata for their outstanding commitment and close collaboration with KRLON. Their unwavering support and presence played a crucial role in the success and progress of the network. The guest of honor, Honorable Amooti Bright, joined in this special moment, taking part in the award ceremony and capturing a photograph to immortalize the occasion.

To further solidify the recognition and support received, representatives from UNHCR and the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) signed KRLON’s recognition certificate. This act symbolized the official acknowledgment and endorsement of KRLON’s efforts and the importance of their role in the Kyaka II Refugee Settlement.

The launch of KRLON signifies a new chapter in the empowerment of refugee-led organizations. By fostering collaboration, providing resources, and amplifying their voices, KRLON aims to create sustainable change and socio-economic development within the community. Through their website and partnerships with esteemed organizations, KRLON seeks to build bridges, foster partnerships, and open up opportunities for displaced populations.

As the event concluded, the atmosphere was filled with hope, gratitude, and determination. The establishment of KRLON and the recognition received highlight the power of collective efforts in overcoming challenges and transforming lives. With continued support from partners, stakeholders, and the wider community, KRLON will forge ahead, bringing hope away from home and creating a brighter future for those affected by forced displacement.

In unity and collaboration, KRLON and the refugee-led organizations are committed to making a lasting impact and empowering individuals to rebuild their lives with resilience, strength, and dignity.

Article by Mr. Binezero Hirwa Gilbert/

Photos credit: NEW GLOBAL VISION (NVG ) Team


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