Capacity Building


Program Overview: KRLON’s Capacity Building Program focuses on enhancing the capacity of local organizations to effectively respond to humanitarian situations in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement. The program ensures that local organizations are equipped with the necessary skills and resources to provide timely and relevant assistance.


  1. Capacity Building: KRLON enhances the capacity of local organizations to effectively respond to humanitarian situations, both in the immediate aftermath and during the post-recovery phase.


  • Providing training and workshops on various topics such as project management, fundraising, advocacy, and community engagement.
  • Offering mentorship and coaching to support the development of organizational skills and strategies.
  • Facilitating access to resources and networks to strengthen the operational capacity of local organizations.
  • Conducting assessments and evaluations to identify areas for improvement and tailor capacity building initiatives accordingly.


  • Enhanced skills and knowledge among local organizations to respond effectively to humanitarian situations.
  • Strengthened organizational capacity and resilience to navigate challenges and sustain operations.
  • Improved ability to deliver timely and relevant assistance to forcibly displaced populations.
  • Increased confidence and empowerment among local organizations to take on leadership roles in humanitarian responses.

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