Established in 2020, New Global Vision (NVG), also known as Nouvelle Vision Globale, is a collective of resilient individuals, all of whom are refugees striving to navigate the challenges inherent in their daily lives and journeys. With a total membership of 20 individuals, our organization is a testament to the power of unity and collaboration.

Diversity is at the heart of NVG. Among our 20 members, 6 are women and 14 are men, each bringing a unique perspective and set of experiences to our collective efforts. Despite the obstacles we face as refugees, we have chosen to join hands and confront these challenges together, pooling our strengths and resources to create a brighter future for ourselves and our communities.

At NVG, our mission is simple yet profound: to overcome adversity and build a better tomorrow. We believe in the power of solidarity and mutual support, and we are committed to fostering an environment where all members can thrive and fulfill their potential.

Through our collective action and shared vision, we aim to not only address the immediate challenges of refugee life but also to pave the way for long-term solutions and sustainable change. Together, we are forging a new global vision—one rooted in resilience, compassion, and hope.


  • Education,
  • Child care
  • Street child care
  • Festivals (event, shows, comedy, drama…)
  • media (Photography and videography, editing)
  • agriculture (beans, maize, potatoes,…)


  • Our financial means which are not enough to support our activities or projects,
  • partnering with other organizations or individuals to be able to support our projects,
  • lack of professional skills and trainings.


  • we need professional skills,
  • we need professional tools/materials
  • we need professionals who offer same services as we do to partner with us voluntarily, financially and progressively so that we could be able to reach a bigger number of beneficiaries and expand our area of impact and effect.
  • we need financial support from either individuals or other NGOs.


  • Email :
  • Telephone :+256778326033 /+256774191162
  • Focal Person’s Name : LECK DEBABA RAMAZANI


  1. Toute les choses que nous avons vue ici ce créativités de NVG
    Vraiment courage

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